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Service 01

AI Chatbot Development Services

It all begins with an Idea! Our professional Chatbot development team help you prepare a conversation for your idea. This conversation is later transformed into an engaging chatbot with a beautiful look and feel matching your website and social media theme

With chatbots, your customer support, lead generation and interaction with client will be seamless. With our services, we ensure that your AI powered chatbot is there to help your client 24×7

Service 02

Cloud Consulting Services

With a team of AWS experts, we ensure your infrastructure and resources on the cloud are managed in the most optimum manner. In addition to managing your existing resources, we also can help you in setting up new infrastructure for the future.

The right consulting service ensures that you do not end up was your resources and are billed precisely for what you need. We manage your end to end infrastructure to allow you focus on the core aspects of the business. Our service ranges from the most basic to advanced AWS tools to ensure you get a one-stop solution.

Service 03

Hybrid Web App Development

A website  and web application has now become an inevitable part of every business. It is a need for every business owner who plans to grow rapidly in the technology dominated world. We help your aspirations turn into reality. With our Hybrid Web App Development consulting, we help you take decisions on branding your business and solving functional business problems.

Our developers are experienced and skilled in multiple industrial domains. This helps us provide state-of-the-art solutions to every business. We work with the latest technologies like Node.JS, Meteor.JS, Angular.JS, React.JS, Cordova as well as Ionic apps along with the conventional PHP, WordPress & Java Web development.

Service 04

SEO Optimised Development

Search engines have become an inseparable part of every human’s day to day life. Getting your website to rank at the top of search engines is a difficult task. We make it easy for you. With years of experience in the industry, our experts have continuously monitored the changing trends of the search engine algorithms.

Our experts stay updated with the latest knowledge to make sure that your website meets the requirements to get at the top of the list. Our services include but is not limited to On-page optimization, off-page optimization, business registration, social page creation, meta data update and others.

Service 05

Social Media Marketing

Social media has captured almost 90% of the world today. Social media marketing is an activity that helps your brand reach out to this 90% of the world. It closely related to search engine optimisation. Social media marketing helps in diverting the crowd to your website from social media websites which ultimately improves your Search Engine ranking.

In the Social Media marketing domain, we offer multiple services like Social media advertisement management, social pages management as well as social blogging. With all these needs fulfilled at one place, we could assure you the results to be positive.

Service 06

Content Development & Curation

Content is at the core of every online activity. With search engines getting smarter, content has started becoming inevitable part of every website, every post on social media and every article that gets published. With an in-house content creators and curators team, we lead the race in providing a one-stop quality solution.

In the content writing domain, our experts have left no stone un-turned. Our experts have created content as well as curated it for numerous blogs, magazines as well as social media pages. We help you manage all your content creation & curation needs with a quick turn around time.

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Our Unique Achievements

Since our inception in 2015, Abk Multiservices has grown its client base exponentially. With our unique speciality of being a one-stop development solution for all your online presence needs, we have successfully captured over 80% repeating clients. We have provided our solutions across numerous business domains which include but are not limited to Fashion, Lifestyle, Technology, Legal Consulting, Real Estate and Insurance sector. Our content developers specialise in specific domains to provide you perfectly curated high quality content for the stunning websites that our designers design. Our developers are skilled to put together the design and content in an appealing manner. We don’t end our relationships here! We also help your business grow with our Search Engine Optimization & Social Media Marketing services.

80% Repeating Clients

Our large repeating client ratio in such a short term speaks for the confidence our clients have shown in us. We have been able to grow recursively with our Client referrals for the quality we’ve demonstrated.

3000+ articles

With clients from multiple niche, our content developers have delivered perfectly SEO optimised, plagiarism free content with assured grammar quality.

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